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Velichko Vasilev / Dest
Velichko Vasilev / Dest3D Artist
​He has over 10 years experience as 3D/2D Artist, specializing in visualizations. Enjoys playing and drawing all kinds of fantasy things. When he is not creating, he is hosting his own Twitch Channel with the same name. The team depends on him for the foundations of art and animations.
Mystery Developer
Mystery DeveloperDeveloper
Our Mistery Developer is very good at both being misterious and making games.
Dimityr Dinkov / UNO
Dimityr Dinkov / UNO3D Artist
Currently works as a visualization 3D artist. Avid gamer and passionate for learning everything 3D. He is responsible for animations and modeling. He has over 5 years experience in the field.
Simeon Denev
Simeon DenevGame Designer
Has over 8 years experience in the IT industry, with 4 of them being in the gaming industry. This includes working for 2 years as a Quality Assurance in one of the biggest mobile gaming companies, Gameloft. After that, he spent 2 years as a Game Designer at Big Loop Studios. There, he designed and managed the production of 6 games for mobile, with downloads totaling in more than 5 million and very positive user reviews.
Plamen Petrov
Plamen PetrovJunior Dev
Currently is studying Game Engineering at Saxion University of Applied Sciences / Netherlands. He is the main driving force behind our prototype.
KlimentSound Designer
Living in Sofia (Bulgaria), he is often involved in movie productions as music composer
and/or sound engineer – audio for 3d video mapping projections, music for contemporary
dance performances and movie scores, which gives him a wide musical background. He has worked more than 15 years as composer. He also performs at music festivals around the world.
Achim Heidelauf - Heathrun Agency
Achim Heidelauf - Heathrun AgencyBusiness Dev & Production Consulting
Achim has been working in the game industry since the mid 90s. Achim’s first project as Game Producer was “Knights & Merchants” back in 1998. Achim has joined the forces with several developers, mainly Haemimont Games with which the projects “Victor Vran”, the “Official Motörhead Video Game” and “Surviving Mars” were created.